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WebsitePanel User's Guide - User Account


Signing In to Control Panel

Go to control panel URL provided to you by your hosting provider.


“Sign In” page will be opened:

websitepanel user login page

On sign in form you have an option to remember you next time you open control panel, so you don’t need to login again. Of course, make sure you don’t check this option on a public computer.

Depending on what was configured by your hosting provider there may be additional visual schemes and languages installed. You could select theme or language from the appropriate dropdowns.

OK, in order to sign in I’m entering username and password to appropriate fields and click “Sign In” button.

Click “Sign In” button.

Right after login I’m presented with a user account home page:

websitepanel user account home page

In the top part of page we could see account top menu, link to edit account details, sign out link and “global search box” for locating various hosting items (web sites, FTP accounts, databases, etc.)

On the left pane there is a second part of user account menu with functions available to the current user account. You could see selected user account in the top breadcrumb.

On the right pane you could see user details, account status and action links.

On the central part of the page there are list of user account hosting spaces and account notes.


Restoring Account Password

Open “Sign In” page.


If you have forgotten your password click “Forgot your password” link.

Enter your username and click “Send my password” button:

websitepanel user password reminder

To return on “Sign In” page click “Back to Sign In page” link.


Changing Account Password

Open “User account home page”.

In order to change your password click “My Account” link on the top pane:

websitepanel user account details

Enter new password twice and click “Change password” button or press Enter.

Even a strong password can be guessed. People who have enough time and computing power can eventually determine any password. To help protect your personal information, security experts recommend that you change your password regularly and avoid repeating the previously used passwords.


Change Account Details

Open “User account home page”.

To change account details such us your name, e-mail, contact information, mail and display preferences click “My Account” link at the top of the page:

websitepanel user account change details

This form allows you changing account password as well.

Change account details and click “Update” button.

Alternatively, another way to change details of your account is to click “Edit details” link on the right pane of user home page.


Viewing Account Summary

Open “User account home page”.

Account summary information gives you an overview of your account and what resources does it have. Summary page look-n-feel is based on a template set by your hosting company, so it may vary in your particular case.

In order to see account summary click “View Account Summary” link on the right pane of user home page:

websitepanel user account summary

You could send this information to your e-mail account by specifying e-mail address in “To” field and pressing “Send” button. In the message sent over e-mail you would see control panel login information as well.


Signing Out from Control Panel

Open “User account home page”.

To sign out from control panel click “Sign Out” link at the top of the page. You will be taken to control panel “Sign In” page.

Many browsers keep your session in memory even after you sign out. If you are not the only one that uses your computer, then be sure to close all running copies of your browser before leaving your workstation. This will clear the browser’s memory and make it impossible to sign-in to the control panel without the correct password.


Creating Peer Account

Open “User account home page”.

Peer accounts allow providing your friends, colleagues or co-workers with an access to your user account. Peer account is an alias to user account and it has the same permissions as its parent account.

To create a new peer account click “Peers” on the left navigation menu:

websitepanel user account peer accounts

and then “Create Peer Account” button.

websitepanel user account edit peer account

Fill out the form and click “Add” button.


Viewing Audit Log

Open “User account home page”.

Audit Log allows viewing of all performed activities in the control panell like web site creations and modifications, database creation, etc.

To view account audit log click “Audit Log” in the left navigation menu:

websitepanel audit log

You could filter audit log entries by Data range, Severity, Source and Task name.

To see the details of specific log record click a link in “Task” column.

To export audit log in .csv format click “Export Log” button and specify file name to save results.