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WebsitePanel User's Guide - Domains


Managing Domains

“Domain” has the following characteristics:

Domain means top-level domain.

To manage domains click “Domain” in the left menu on hosting space home page.

websitepanel domains

To add a new domain click “Add Domain” button:

websitepanel add new domain subdomain

Then click “Domain” option:

websitepanel add new domain subdomain enable dns

Specify domain name without the host name in the beginning and then choose provisioning options. There might be various provisioning options depending on resources allowed in the hosting space. “Create Instant Alias” is only available if it’s configured on hosting plan level and “Enable DNS” option is checked as well.

Click “Add Domain” button to create domain.

To see domain properties screen click the link with its name in the list of domains:

websitepanel edit domain

On domain properties screen you can see if:

  • DNS zone exists for this domain, i.e. DNS is enabled.

Managing Sub-Domains

Sub-domain can be created for any existing top-level domain under your hosting space or domain provided by hosting provider. You could use a sub-domain to create a new web site, but you cannot create another sub-domain based on it. Sub-domain cannot be added as a pointer to some web site.

To add a new domain click “Add Domain” button and then click “Sub-Domain” link (if available):

websitepanel add subdomain

Select base domain from the list and then specify sub-domain name. Choose provisioning options and click “Add Domain” button.


Managing DNS

Open “Domain properties” screen.


websitepanel edit domain

If DNS is enabled in your hosting plan there will be “DNS” section on domain properties screen. You could enable or disable DNS for the selected domain as well as edit DNS zone records. Disabling DNS might be required in the case when domain is not hosted on provider name servers, but somewhere else.

To edit domain DNS zone records click “Edit DNS zone records” link in “DNS” section:

websitepanel edit domain dns zone records

To add a new DNS record click “Add record” button:

websitepanel add domain dns zone record

Select record type, specify record name and data. Click “Save” to add a record.

To edit or delete record click appropriate icon button on record line.

Please be aware that editing DNS records is a feature for advanced users and you must be absolutely sure what you are doing.