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Setup your email on iPhone

Setup a new account:

In order to setup your email address that is hosted at LiveHosting on your iPhone use the following steps:

1. Go to: Settings > Mail,Contacts, Calendars >Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

2.Configure: Name, Address, Password, Description > Next

3.Chose receiving protocol Imap or Pop (!!!CAUTION!!! If you select Pop all your emails will be downloaded to your device, they will be deleted from the server!!!)

4.Configure incoming and outgoing mail server:

Incoming Mail server:

  Host Name: mail.yourdomain.ro

  User Name: address@yourdomain.ro (Note.Username is your full email address)

  Password: yourPassword

Outgoing Mail Server:

  Host Name: mail.yourdomain.ro

  User Name: address@yourdomain.ro (Note.Username is your full email address)

  Password: yourPassword

5. > Verify

If it is a first setup it will automatically setup SSL conection, 465 for SMTP, 993 IMAP and 995 POP.


Edit an existing account:

If it’s an existing account using unsecured ports 25 or 26 for Smtp, 143 Imap and 110 Pop, do as follows:

1.Go to : Settings > Mail,Contacts, Calendars > The mail you want to edit > Account: address@yourdomain.ro > SMTP > Primary Server >

2.Use SSL and change port server to 465

3.Go to : Settings > Mail,Contacts, Calendars > The mail you want to edit > Account: address@yourdomain.ro > Advanced >

4.Use SSL and change port server to 993 if you use IMAP(existing port is 143)  and 995 if you use POP(existing port is 110).